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Our sails and shelters are made from Synthesis commercial 95 knitted shade cloth, which has been specifically developed for use in tension structures.  The material is strong and stable and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

The fabric has been designed to ‘breath’ allowing air to circulate beneath the fabric creating a cooler environment.  As an innovation in the industry, the Synthesis Commercial 95 fabric blocks out sunrays while offering temperate conditions underneath it.

Our shade range offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection and strength to ensure a maintenance-free, long –life performance.  It is one of the strongest fabrics on the Australian market and is engineered with protection and durability in mind.

The Synthesis commercial 95 will not mould in wet conditions and offers premium protection from the rain, although it is not waterproof.  As an added benefit, it is fray-and tear resistant.  We offer guarantees on our products to ensure you receive the best out of your shade for years to come.

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