Residential shades

Pool, Patio and Garden shades

Add a unique flair to your home with one of our customised domestic shade designs. A home shade provides protection for your entire family. Install the shade over an outdoor deck, close to the pool and even over the pool, and enjoy an outdoor picnic or barbeque without getting scorched.

Residential shades are a stylish and affordable way to provide shade over any area of your home. Whether your backyard is large or small, we have the ideal shade to make certain areas stand out. Add a shade sail above some outdoor furniture and you have a unique little space where you can relax, read a book or enjoy a summer evening meal. If you want more flair, you can incorporate a variety of shades over your decking area, pool, play park or just your lawn. These structures will protect you and your family from the sun and the breathable sail material allows heated air to escape as it rises. Wherever you install a shade sail, the area under it will be kept cool so you can spend more time outdoors.

All our residential shade sails are made from high-grade materials and are built to last, which means your shade will remain in peak condition year after year. We also provide a customising service, meaning you can tailor your shade to suit your requirements. At Shade Experience, we pride ourselves on our wide range of options and our creativity. Our outdoor sails are available in various bright and subdued colours to complement any home’s architectural style.

Pools shades

One of the first activities people look forward to in summer is swimming. What better and safer place to swim, away from the UV rays, than under a shaded pool in your backyard. Our pool shade sails are available in a variety of sizes so you can decide exactly how much of the area you want to cover. You can install a large shade over your entire pool for maximum coverage or you can cover a small portion if you still want to feel the warm sun. Covering a section of the pool is ideal if there are young children in the family. Their skin is more vulnerable to damage caused by the sun, so you can enjoy your fun-filled swim while the kids are well protected.

Garden shades

Our outdoor garden shade sails create an attractive backyard appearance without breaking the bank. You can incorporate a shade sail close to your patio to create a seamless indoor/outdoor living space.

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